Steve Acworth was here! - and on

Welcome to my web site. It's called "Sparkspin". Here

Most of my life, I have been around guitars. See latest electric build video : - here

A lot of planks: boxes, sticks, frets, gears, pickups, bridges, top nuts, tremolo systems and strings.

They tend to work really well when they leave my bench; that's generally what I do...

A music string is arguably the most efficient machine it is possible to fabricate in terms of simplicity and sensitivity. Whether it is constructed as a monofilament or as a wound core, it has only one moving part: - just the whole speaking length. Anywhere in the known universe, no tensioned music string, unless it is restrained by damping, can ever be motionless, i.e., without being in a vibrating state, since there are always stimulating forces present which will provoke movement within the speaking length.

Here's the only innovative step that's been made to the electric guitar since its invention: -

The Undulated Fretless Fingerboard (now at prototype #007 - see this build...)

more about this... (including Patent specification)... Does it work on an acoustic guitar?

Patent specification: - (stand alone)... Now progressed to prototype #007

Then there's paint! my other hobby; PAINTING !... How's a chap supposed to cope?

This site was launched in 2001, to advertise the fact that I had invented antigravity, but for some mysterious reason, people have tended to ridicule that thought.

Fair, I suppose but it does make for some cool science fiction... or a performing dog...