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Some of my paintings...

Sketch for "Conquistadors"

(Oils on canvas)




(Oils on canvas)

Finished 2014



Warhol-style portrait of musical maestro, Lucy Edwards.


From an old "selfie" photo of Miranda Betts...


Night Fishing at the Rookery

(Oils on canvas)




Lonely Bird

(Oils on canvas)


(Not for sale)


A Bad Day in the Workshop

(Silver Lining? My Ass!)

(Oils on canvas)


Not for sale

- now owned by Lucy Edwards


Owl In Flight

(Hooter Scooter)

(Oils on canvas)


(Not for sale)



(Hey, Pussy Cat!)

(Oils on canvas)


Donated to Childrens' ward


Pudding on the Stile

(If you don't get it, don't ask!)

(Oils on canvas)




Oops! Sorry Mate!

(Tempus Fugit)

(Oils on canvas)


Donated to Childrens' ward


Apollo 42

(The Blue Glass Cat)

(Oils on canvas)


Donated to Childrens' ward


Two Otters Hide and seek

(Oils on canvas)

2011 - Sold


"Best Savoured Cold"

(Oils on canvas)


Sold to Iain Miller.

(play whales)


Surface Tension

(Oils on canvas)




Done by the Wizard...

Well, yes, I paint a bit...

Mona Lisa

(Plus Parts)

Back in 2000, I started to have a go at making a copy of the Mona Lisa. You know; it's a really famous pictcha. It was a flawed concept; I fully realise now and I did surely realise that then, shortly after starting on the project. Damn! Leonardo worked for the most part on wooden panels (when he wasn't screwing around with duff plastery / political - war and power-shift stuff) and I tried it on canvas. Bad mistake, plus, I ain't that much of a painter by any commercial standards and have no formal training (but I do get by, as they say, a bit...)

The original was a life-sized portrait but this copy, belonging to Bernadette Duprat, the girl who sings with me as a duo, is about three - quarter life size and on canvas.

In my defence, I did make a pretty frame for it.

Observe "Lady With An Ermine", "Tank", "Helicopter" and self portrait cartoon integrated details, done two years back (2010).

(Oils on canvas)




(Left) "There Goes The Neighbourhood"

Oils on canvas 2009-2010 (click for larger image)

"Spherical Car Park" 1999



"Garden of Eden"

Oils on canvas board 1972.

Destroyed by fire 1974.



(Left): - Recently discovered transparency of same picture, taken to photo processing shop for printing. This is closer to the original colours.

Neither of these pictures really do anything like justice to the actual painting as it was in late 1973, prior to the fire. It contained extremely (obsessive, even) water-drop imaging, with each droplet reflecting its surroundings, resulting in a virtual rainbow in very fine pointilism.

Hovering over the chasm were two white doves, circling each other. No image exists of the final stages of the painting.


"Pixie Party"

Oils on canvas 2001.

"Virgin With St. Ann"

Oils on canvas 2002.



"Mona Lisa"

Oils on canvas 2000.

"Joe Cocker"

Oils on board 2003.


"Scots Piper" Oils on canvas 1993.

Me and rock'n'roll (early version)...

Well, no this isn't a painting; it's the plasticine master being carved in preparation for making the mould from which I cast the concrete Aztec Calendar Stone seen hanging on the wall in the picture of four guitars on the guitar page here...

"Leda and the Swan"

Oils on canvas 1998-9.

Originally brightly coloured and of landscape aspect, the original was accidentally destroyed by myself when I attempted to overglaze it with a clear blue wash to convert it to a moonlit scene.

By way of a hoped-for rescue, a sepia tone was applied and then the image was put into a "Lake" applet, from which this image was produced. It's called cheating, I think...

click here to see what Leda became...

"Emma" Oils on canvas 2005. Diitally "cheated" by use of Lake Applet. (commissioned work)

- and below, "Bearcub". Oils on canvas 2005.

Click to see larger image: -

(Or see bottom of page)

"Dragonfly Landscape"

Oils on canvas 2002.

Left; "Some Bird With A Trolley" Oils on canvas 2005.

Aberaeron Harbour (as witnessed) Oils on canvas 2005 Frightening !!!

"Wolf, Eagle & Otter" Oils on canvas 2001





Flora cartoon & Zero G

(Pencil - both drawn in hospital 2006)


"Orion Limpets" Oils on canvas 2010.


"Jack Dog" Oils on canvas 2001

Painted concrete bears (7")

For Sale (to order)


Plaited sheep. Pencil 2008



<<Painted Rocks 2008 and (below) sketched rocks 2001



"Misty forest" (after TV's Bob Ross)

This one has a history. In 1989 I bought a Roland R5 drum machine and learned how to use it. A customer and good chum, Iain Miller, heard what I did with the R5 and bought one himself. He couldn't get on with it so put it back in the box and into storage. In 1995, I lent my R5 to a friend who lived in Holland. He got murdered and my R5 was gone, forever. Two years ago Iain noticed my mourning of the loss and volunteered to donate his R5 to me. Much of the music on this site was generated using that machine in the backing track; I gave Iain this painting in return.


Heiroglyphs for "Sparkspin"


Mum and baby rhinos. Copied from National Geographic magazine. Oils on board 2004.


22" concrete Aztec Calendar Stone.
Carving plasticine for silicone mould.


Through 1969-1972 I was responsible for what might be described as one of the largest "art exhibitions" on the planet; well, certainly in the U.K., insofar as I was the guy who cut the 90% of the silk screen process stencils used to print the whole of the then new Southern Region British Rail station signs. It was a good job and the Red Cross food parcels came through regularly... but (below), in 1974 I constructed the largest piece of art I personally ever did.

Wth the help of a piece of string and a stout pair of boots, I marked out the "Ollin" symbol, as found on the Aztec Calendar Stone (as above) in the sand on a Cornish beach. That's me standing in the middle.

(Above) "Great Minds Think Alike". The Oggy Family 1980.


Left - a freehand (no rulers or compasses) Celtic-style pencil drawing done in hospital during chemotherapy, 2006.

Right - an animation depicting 'Elecopter - the avenging super-hero helicopter mammoth. There is a problem with my imagination, obviously. It used to be O.K. but something must have got damaged...

Some think him a bit "Chocolate boxy" but Bob Ross (deceased) really helped me to control paint. This is an un-ashamed copy of one of his T.V. lesson subjects.

And below is another generic Bob Ross type thing...

1988 - some wooden horses...

When you make rocking horses, you tend to hear the highly unoriginal "joke" question: - "Got any rocking horse poo?" many, many times. In response, in 1997, I made 100 of these "Rocking Horse Poo" (YouTube link) action models...

With each sculpture I provided an instruction sheet and guarantee, which read as follows...

The original hand made "That' Rare!" Model No.2 Rocking Horse Poo should provide you with many years' satisfactory ownership providing you neither throw it away nor set fire to it.. It is unconditionally guaranteed to be a Model No.2 and not genuine rocking horse poo...(that really is rare). Each Model No.2 is individually tuned during assembly for maximum motions and will work best on a smooth, flat surface. If you find it won't rock properly, then you have probably got it upside down. Do not eat it or attempt to flush it down the toilet; Not ever. This is a stable product, getting more common all the time - and when poosh comes to shovel, can be relied upon to raise a smile without attracting too many flies. I thank you.

I feel it's only fair to point out at this point that the first person to ever pay good money for this product was Mr. Rod McCaffery. Several others have followed suit and there is still some stock available: - 01545 570668 (UK)

Copy of "The Fighting Temeraire" by Turner, 2005.

Oils on canvas. Commission.

Apparently the outrageous sky was caused by a massive volcanic eruption spewing dust into the global atmosphere.

"3D Knossos Fantasy"

(Digital artwork).

When I first got a computer in 2001, I bought every geek magazine available on the bookstore shelf and they frequently came with free software CDROMs.

One of my favourires was and still is a thing called "Simply 3d" by Micrografx and I used it a lot when playing around with my early website design work.

The background here was made with another free program called "Terragen", which enables one to create digital landscapes.

"Jack" 2001 Acrylic on canvas.

- and here's that bearcub again (looks better against black)...


Below:- and one from 1993 (never finished - how would I?)

Below: - and this what happens when a rat commits suicide by eating all of your paints...

my first animation 2001