Where I live and work: -


It seems most people are idiots and can't read a map or follow simple directions. To find me you leave Aberaeron town heading for Lampeter (on the Lampeter road), travel about 300 yards to the first bus stop on the left. Just there is a small cul-de-sac called LON Y FELIN which drops down a slope. Best park there, leaving space for other vehicles to park. Just after the second telegraph pole on the right, take the previously invisible turning to the right and follow the low breeze block wall all the way around to the right, along to the concrete steps up to a pair of cottages. My place is the one on the left. When you find yourself lost, prior to this, within view of a small thatched cottage, you are an idiot. Go back and try again. 300 yards, dummy, not half a mile... I despair, frequently. You have my phone numbers.